3DS makes and sells gear drive drivetrains for a variety of trucks as well as other products. The have a strong lean towards Trampa gear, but also sell for

~ I own a gear drive system from 3DS, it is a high quality drivetrain.

BKB sells ESK8 hardware. Everything…if you need it for an ESK8 chances are he has it or it’s on the way. He has batteries, decks, ESC(s), motor mounts and pulleys.

~ Jared is a rock star, dependable & innovative. I have made multiple purchases from him over the last couple of years and I’ve never had a single complaint, plus
he makes the best modular pulleys available.

Carvon sells completes and other products. Their claim to fame is the Direct Drive system. Carvon is one of the most innovative in the ESK8 industry.

~ I own a Carvon Torque Drive system running 107mm ABEC Flywheels, it is a high quality drivetrain.

DIY, commonly known as TB has been around a long time. They sell completes and parts. TorqueBoards is famous for the TB218 trucks which is a Caliber 2 style truck with 218mm hangers so you can fit fat motors on your board.
He sells batteries, decks, ESC(s), wheels, pulleys, motor mounts…everything.

~ I have made many purchased from Dexter over the years. He is one of the largest vendors in ESK8 and sells everything you need to build a complete and stands behind his products.

eBoosted is an ESK8 vendor located in Lima Perú. They make & sell enclosures and other ESK8 related products. His enclosures are high quality fiberglass creations.

Enertion sells completes, the Raptor 2 (2.1) and other products. They make and sell the ESK8 hardware including wheels, batteries, remotes and more including the FocBox and FocBox Unity. The FoxBox has been the premier ESC for a couple of years now, but Enertion is phasing them out as of late 2018. The FocBox Unity is a new Dual ESC.

~ I have bought so many FocBox’s from Jason, I can’t even count them all. It is by far the best & most available VESC available. They are retiring the FocBox line in favor of the FocBox Unity, which is a dual VESC.

Hoyt primarily sells completes. The sell a few products, of which the Puck remote is quickly becoming famous. It’s a reliable puck shaped remote with a case made of CNC’d bamboo.

~ I bought a Puck, its now my favorite remote, and I’ve tried most of the available options. Its sick, get one.

Hyper Ion sells parts for the ESK8 industry. The offer Battery’s, battery making supplies, trucks, motors, etc. There’s a lot in their inventory. I don’t have a lot of experience with them as they are fairly new on the scene, but I like what I see.

Johnny offers repair services for ESK8 related hardware, specifically VESC’s. He is also part of the LaCroix team.

~ I have personally sent close to a dozen VESC’s to him for repair. The man is a life saver and gentleman.

LaCroix sells a complete hybrid mountain board that is very unique. I haven’t purchased anything from them but I have ridden a couple of their boards and I must say I enjoyed it and the build was top quality.

~ One of the best builders in ESK8, and my friend, @Sender built a LaCroix deck with enclosure (10s6p, dual motors) and it is epic. If he wasn’t so damned big I might have just ridden of into the sunset :).

LHB builds and sells custom completes as well as other products. He is one of the most dependable vendors around.

~ LHB is one of my favorite builders. He presses his own decks, which are great. I own a Phat Matson myself. He routes phase wire channels, in his decks, and then seals them with epoxy. It takes a ton of time and is epic to see.

Ollin sells completes as well as other products including wheels (Popoca), drivetrains (Ronin), ESC’s (the famous Ollin VESC) and the Re-Curve deck. Ollin is one of the most innovative in the ESK8 industry.

~ I own a set of Popoca wheels, they are in my top 3 favorite wheels.

Psychotiller sells custom completes, enclosures, wheels, motors. motor mounts, the best Surf Rodz gear available and 6 Shooters (a pneumatic wheel made specifically for ESK8), plus a variety of other products.

~ Dave is a superhero, dependable & innovative. I can’t tell you how many enclosures I’ve bought from him. I ask him for crazy stuff sometimes and he always delivers. And his mount, best motor mounts available for Surf Rodz trucks.

Red Ember makes what are arguably the finest and best made decks for electric skateboards that are available.

~ My absolute favorite decks ever. I have multiple deck from Jamie, a Bludgeon, 2 Calderas and a Shugah. You can see that I like them, I’m betting you will too.

Surf Rodz is not specifically an ESK8 company, but the make TKP & RKP trucks that are incredible fit for electric boards. Psychotiller makes flawless mounts for both types.

~ I have x3 sets of TKP’s and a set of RKP’s. These are my absolute favorite trucks for ESK8.

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